Damn, Dude, This New Zao Track Crushes


Zao were always weird outsiders within the metalcore community. They were around before everyone else, and never courted traditional song structure and emotional themes the way other bands did; instead, they were adventurous and confrontational, in your face in a way that sometimes felt too intense for certain listeners.

But that’s what made them rad–you’d never find Zao writing a typical metalcore track about a breakup–and what made their return two years ago so exciting.

Which is why some fans might find this new Zao track from their upcoming split EP with Yashira a little unusual–it doesn’t go as off-kilter and wily as Zao often does. It’s a mid-tempo track with some definitive structure. But what that means is that the song, called “Hide From The Light”, is just a greater testament to this band’s talent. Because make no mistake, the track fucking rules–it’s killer in a way that so many bands try so hard to be. So the fact that Zao can write a traditional song, and have it still be better than most of the shit out there, only means that their talent doesn’t rely solely on wonky harshness.

Anyway, I’m talking too much: listen to “Hide From The Light” below. Zao’s split 7″ with Yashira drops September 21st via Mind Over Matter records, and can be pre-ordered the day before at the label’s store.

[via the erotic dynamos at Metal Injection]

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