Exclusive Track + Video Premiere: Four Stroke Baron’s “Planet Silver Screen”


Exclusive Track + Video Premiere: Four Stroke Baron’s “Planet Silver Screen”

We’ll be honest: the longer we do this job, the harder it gets to find new bands that we like. There’s just too many groups out there blandly imitating their idols and creating music that lacks either the imagination or the balls to let their freak flag fly and put their own spin on time-tested tricks.

Four Stroke Baron do not have this problem. On their new album, Planet Silver Screen, the Reno, NV trio answer a question we never even thought to ask: “What if a really, REALLY good modern rock band re-wrote and re-recorded a really, REALLY good ’80s New Wave album?” In addition to some stupendous synth usage, vocalist/guitarist Kirk Witt’s moody singing style sounds as though it was influenced by Type O Negative’s Peter Steele and Echo & the Bunnymen’s Ian McCulloch in equal measures. Meanwhile, the music made by the band — which also includes dummer Matt Vallarino and bassist Keegan Ferrari — is catchy-as-hell, larger-than-life, prog-fused aggro alt-rock that recalls acts ranging from Tool to Cave In to Korn to Meshuggah. The unique result will hit your musical G-spot faster than you can trigger the “Repeat Album” function. Planet Silver Screen is that all-too-rare album that is heavy without sacrificing its sense of fun.

But don’t take our word for it: check out the title track via the mind-blowing Thomas Yagodinski-created music video below. Combining stop-motion animation with a dark, absurdist sense of humor, it’s the perfect showcase for this painfully-infectious song, and a fantastic introduction to Four Stroke Baron and their generally-awesome vibe. You’re gonna love it!!!

Planet Silver Screen comes out November 9 on Prosthetic Records, and includes a guest appearance by Shining’s Jørgen Munkeby! Pre-order it here.

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