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Thrashers, Rejoice: There’s a New Sodom EP On The Way


Back in January, when it was announced that Tom Angelripper fired everyone but himself from Sodom via text message, middle-aged thrashers and old-school merch collectors everywhere stopped masturbating to kill themselves and wondered if they’d ever see another album about gasmaskery in their lifetime. Even the announcement that a new line-up had been put together couldn’t assure them. Would Sodom sodomize no more?

Well, all of you motherfuckers better make sure that bulletbelt still clasps, because guess what, Sodom is releasing a new EP! That’s right, the reinvigorated line-up featuring current and former members of Asphyx and Kreator, will release a three-song EP titled Partisan later in the fall via, who else, SPV/Steamhammer. The disc will feature two new tracks and a live version of the Sodom classic “Tired and Red” as performed at the 2018 Rock Hard Festival.

I know I come off as a snarky asshole here, but real talk, I’m always excited for new Sodom. Among the classic B-team thrash crowd, they’ve always made killer music with kickass riffs, no matter how trends changed the face of metal. On top of that, FFFFUUUUCK, what a cover (Chris Moyen, I reckon). I’m excited for this EP.

Anyway, Partisan drops November 23rd. We’ll let you know more about it when we do.

[via Lambgoat]

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