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Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats Are Getting a Little “Stranger Tonight”


Having a rough Thursday? Worried that the sun will die and the weekend will never come? Having a hard time keeping your weird, 1970s Times Square-style sexual deviancy under wraps one more afternoon? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats have a new track for you from their upcoming album Wasteland. The song, called “Stranger Tonight” has everything you’ve come to expect from the band–catchy riffs with tons of fuzz, a kickass guitar solo, and of course, lyrics that suggest a menacing air of drug-induced sexual violence. I mean, it’s as though the band read your thoughts over lunch and said, “It’s okay, man. Here’s a song about being a pothead sex-creep. You don’t have to feel so alone anymore.”

Rock out to “Stranger Tonight” below. Wasteland drops October 12th on Rise Above Records. You can pre-order it here, among other places.


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