Viva the Underdogs: Headphones by Metalheads, for Metalheads


There are many things that divide us as metalheads. Some of us prefer Ozzy, some of us prefer Dio. Some of us like the short, violent bursts of noise associated with grindcore, some of us prefer the lengthy, nuanced explorations of prog. Some of us like Five Finger Death Punch, some of us have good taste. These are divisive times.

But surely, we can all agree on this: good headphones are hard to find. For who amongst us has not struggled to find a pair that are affordable while offering maximum kick for the music we love?

So regardless of whether you inherently loathe drum triggers or you’re not a total fucking idiot, you should be thrilled to learn about Viva the Underdogs. The creators of this new brand of headphones are metallers themselves, and have thus “focused on optimizing the metal listening experience”:

“After a long research and development process, we are now proud to present our brand new VTU metal headphones. The VTU headphone speakers (drivers) emphasize precision bass, enhancing the experience of the pounding double bass and of the crisp bass guitar. The mid and high ranges deliver sharp riffs while preserving fully dominant cleans and growls.

“Plus, our headphones have a metal look, with an over-ear design, closed back cups, and comfortable leather cushions.

“The VTUs will provide you with a rich metal listening experience whether you like old school or death. VTU’s are made by metalheads for metalheads out of pure love for the music.”

I’ve been rocking these puppies for a couple of weeks now, and I don’t mind telling you that they are as advertised. They definitely give the bass some extra kick without sacrificing the finer details of the rest of the music (i.e., it doesn’t sound swampier than a fat guy’s ass on a humid day). And if you, like me, are a total wimp who sometimes deigns to listen to music that isn’t metal, you’ll be glad to know that they pair well with plenty of other genres, too.

The VTUs aren’t set to officially launch until January of 2019, but if you pre-order a pair before September 30, you’ll get half off the list price of $200 and they’ll be delivered to you before Christmas. They’ll make rad holiday gifts for sure! Learn more and pre-order a pair here.

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