Alkymist Are The Greatest Doomers You’ve Never Heard Of


Behold Alkymist, a progressive doom squad from Copenhagen, Denmark who dropped their first EP earlier this year. They’ve already got a self-titled full length in the works, with a brand new music video available of the first track, “Ghost,” posted yesterday on Decibel.

“Ghost” is frigid, gritty, and fucking HEA-VY, taking after the likes of Yob with its burdened intensity and slow-building, grandiose songwriting. Hints of psychedelia are sprinkled throughout the sludge, forming a twisted labyrinth of suffering and dread. However, the track isn’t quite as disorienting as, for example, something we’d hear from Ufomammut; Alkymist took the plunge and included some (gasp!) melodic elements to “Ghost” that serve as a guiding beacon for the experience. Put on your adventure gear and get ready for the most epic journey of your day.

The rest of the album will be released on October 6th. Vinyl nerds can pre-order their copies here. If you happen to be in Denmark, you can catch Alkymist’s release show in Copenhagen on October 3rd. In the meantime, I’ll be crossing my fingers for some U.S. dates in the future.

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