“The Sentry”: New Gorod Will Make Rods Go

  • Axl Rosenberg
“The Sentry”: New Gorod Will Make Rods Go
Art by Jeff Grimal

Once upon a time, in the tiny village of Bordeaux, France, there was a man named Rod. And he was a real dick. Like, all the time, and for no discernible reason. He made everyone’s life fucking miserable. And the people yelled at him in the streets, “Go, Rod!” But Rod would not go. And the people were sad.

Until one day five men arrived, playing the heaviest, shreddiest technical death metal imaginable. And so terrifying was their racket that Rod did finally flee. And the people were happy. And they give unto this quintet of musicians a name, Gorod, and sent them out into the world to make sure every man, woman, and child on Earth was free of dicks like Rod.

Fuck you, Rod.

“The Sentry” will appear on Gorod’s new album, which is called Æthra, but which everyone is just going to type out as Aethra because who the fuck wants to make that Æ thing every time this record comes up?

Aethra comes out October 19 on Overpowered Records. It’s available to pre-order digitally via Amazon, iTunes and Google Play, and in several physical formats via Overpowered Records’ merchandise site.

[via Consequence of Sound]

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