Revocation Slow Shit Down on New Song “Blood Atonement”


I think most of us tend to associate Revocation’s brand of thrash with a neck-snapping, bomb-on-a-bus level of speed. So the group’s new track “Blood Atonement” is a literal change of pace for them. Which isn’t to say it’s a ballad or whatever — it’s still as heavy as a rhino riding an elephant riding a tank — but it owes a larger-than-average debt to European melodeath, emphasizing ambiance and groove over velocity. If Revo’s music is usually an atom bomb, “Blood Atonement” is a surgical drone strike.

As a bonus, the guitar solo is sexy as hell. That may sound weird. I don’t care. Listen to it and tell me it doesn’t give you the feels in your bathing suit area.

“Blood Atonement” is just one of the kick-ass tracks on the band’s new album, The Outer Ones, which drops on Metal Blade this coming Friday, September 28. Pre-orders are here. Meanwhile, the band is on tour with Exhumed, Rivers of Nihil, and Yautja even as I type this. Dates are here.

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