Suicide Silence, Youth Code, Rob Zombie and ex-Marilyn Manson Members Launch New Band Heaven’s Blade


Suicide Silence drummer Alex LopezRob Zombie bassist Piggy D.Youth Code singer Sara Taylor, and former Marilyn Manson bassist Fred Sablan have teamed up to form a “shit-kicker punk band” called Heavens Blade. 

We are going to assume that the shit-kicker punk attitude also explains the blatant disregard for a needed apostrophe in their band name. Just a hopeful guess. Unless they mean “a blade that cuts through multiple heavens, but that wouldn’t really make sense because a) we usually only refer to one heaven, with the colloquial phrase “the heavens” referring to that same one, b) we wouldn’t use the plural to refer to a sharp instrument that cuts multiples of anything else, i.e. “steaks knife” or “weeds machete.” So yeah, I’m not sure how this one got past all four band members. Perhaps they should have a friendly chat with fellow apostrophically-challenged outfit Harm’s Way.

Questionable grammar aside, while this kind of music isn’t really for me — you can check out the track “Soiled Rotten” below — I’m always game to listen to anything with Sara Taylor’s voice on it. I LOOOOOOVE her work in Youth Code and I like hearing her here even if this style of music isn’t my bag. As best as I can tell this is good for what it is, though I’ll leave the final judgment on that to the more punk-educated amongst you.

For now “Spoiled Rotten” appears to be a standalone single with no album release announced yet.

[via Lambgoat]

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