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J.R. Hayes Ranks Pig Destroyer’s Albums from Worst to Best

  • Axl Rosenberg

I recently cameo’d on The MetalSucks Podcast, where I was asked to rank Pig Destroyer’s albums from worst to best. I honestly don’t even remember anymore what order I chose, but I do remember going out of my way to make it clear that putting together such a ranking was a real Sophie’s Choice for me; ask me to make a list today, and it might completely change tomorrow.

This is all a long way of saying I’m not even gonna begin to comment on J.R. Hayes’ own personal ranking of PxDx’s discography. It’s hard to know where the fuck to even begin with such a task.

You can check out J.R.’s list below, for your own edification. Go to Noisey to read his accompanying explanations as to why these are in the order they’re in. The group’s ridiculously great new album, Head Cagehere, isn’t included here, but it is out now on Relapse, and we urge you to buy it. The band also has some live dates coming up; we just saw them last weekend and, yes, they still slay. Get those dates .

#5 – Explosions in Ward 6

#4 – Book Burner

#3 – Phantom Limb

#2 – Prowler in the Yard

#1 – Terrifyer

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