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Harm’s Way’s Robbed of Over $20,000 Worth of Gear, Crowdfunding Campaign Launched


Harm’s Way are the latest band to suffer the devastating loss of stolen gear, as thieves made off with their entire trailer after their show Thursday night (September 27th) in Las Vegas, NV. Some friends of the band have launched a crowdfunding campaign to help recoup some of their losses (including all the merch they had with them), and the band has vowed to continue on their current tour with Terror, Backtrack, Year of the Knife and Candy.

You can donate to help the band get back on their feet here. The campaign, which was launched by Twitching Tongues’ Colin Young, has already raised more than $11,000 as of this writing.

The band issued the following statement via Facebook:

“Last night, after the show in Las Vegas, our trailer was stolen from the Luxor parking lot. The van and trailer were parked in the over-sized lot, which we have used many times before for both ease of use and supposed security while staying at the hotel. Cameras, lights, thru traffic and frequent security patrols were no deterrent in this situation. The chains to the trailer were cut, the trailer was separated and someone made off with everything. We have coordinated with Luxor security and filed a police report for the theft.

“We plan to continue with the TOTAL RETALIATION tour despite this set back, and plan to be up and running again as soon as possible. We are not expecting any kind of hand out for our problem, since it is entirely our problem, but as it currently stands, we are starting over from ground zero. We lost a full back line, guitars/bass, pedals, drums and a fully stocked merch spread to start off the tour with. We have absolutely no equipment to play on, everything from this point forward will be an uphill battle against the debt we accumulated overnight which is in excess of over $20,000.

“There’s just no way we can get anywhere close to where we were without the support of our community. Support can come in many ways. We will have merch reprinted and shipped as soon as possible for the shows on this tour. We have a web store that was recently restocked with leftover items, and will soon have new items listed on it. (If you are trying to order something that is out of stock, we will be adding more in the next couple of days so please be patient) Or you can support us by just coming to the shows, enjoying the amazing bands on this tour, watching our set and reminding us why we do this.

“Anything you can do is great appreciated.

“Thank you for reading,
–Harm’s Way“

Donate here if you can! Here’s to hoping the band gets their stuff back as quickly as possible AND recoups whatever they aren’t able to recover via the GoFundMe campaign.

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