Robb Flynn: This is “Not the Farewell Tour of Machine Head”


Machine Head mastermind Robb Flynn’s message on Friday was very clear: guitarist Phil Demmel and drummer Dave McClain, his partners of 15 and 23 years (respectively), would be leaving the band after this coming tour. “Musically we’ve grown apart,” said Flynn. He continued, “I have held on too tight to the reins of this band and I have suffocated those guys.” Flynn has been, is and always will be Machine Head, and the language used — Demmel and McClain quit the band — was straight-forward enough.

But that hasn’t stopped a lot of folks from jumping to the conclusion that Machine Head are breaking up, so Flynn has now issued a statement via Machine Head’s Facebook page to clarify that the band will go on even after Demmel and McClain are gone:

“After 23 years with Dave McClain pounding the skins at the drum throne, and 15 years with Phil Demmel shredding the guitar on stage right, both members have decided to move on from Machine Head and open a new chapter in their lives.⠀

“The upcoming Freaks & Zeroes Tour of North America (that starts this Thursday in Sacramento, CA) is still happening, and will be a celebration of the music that the line-up have created throughout the years. The split is amicable, and the guys are looking forward to playing these very special shows for the Head Cases of North America and ending this era on a positive and classy note.⠀

“Head to our YouTube page to watch Robb’s emotional announcement.

“To clarify: this is the Farewell Tour of this line-up of Machine Head, not the Farewell Tour of Machine Head, as has been reported in the media. ⠀

“Machine Head wish to thank Phil and Dave for their significant contributions to the band, both musically and lyrically, as well for the spirit, genuine passion they infused into the music, and legendary live performances brought along the way. ⠀

“Machine Head ask that you, the Head Cases, the Freaks & Zeroes, the Lion Hearts of America, come down and have a drink (or 5), a joint (or 3), rage at the shows, let your freak-flag-fly, and celebrate this unique moment in time with us. ⠀

“Thank you friends,⠀

“- Machine Head”

It’s way too early to be discussing Demmel and McClain’s replacements, so for the time being you should get out there and enjoy this lineup’s last go-round if you live in a city the band’s upcoming tour is playing. Dates here.

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