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Listen to an Exclusive Tracklist by the Makers of the New Finnish Metal Comedy Heavy Trip


Time to stop pining for a third Bill & Ted movie — the next great heavy metal comedy has arrived! Heavy Trip follows a fictional Finnish metal band, Impaled Rektum, as they make a (hilariously) torturous journey to play their first gig at Norway’s biggest metal festival after twelve years of practicing in their parents’ basement. We first tipped you off to the flick this past winter, and the reception was overwhelmingly positive (especially coming from MetalSucks readers!)… now the time has come when you can finally see the movie for yourself! Bloody Disgusting and Doppelgänger Releasing will present late-night theatrical showings taking place in top markets starting this Friday, October 5! You can get showtimes and buy tickets here. Can’t make it to one of those screenings? Fret not: it will hit nationwide VOD a week later, Friday, October 12.

To celebrate the impending release of Heavy Trip, MetalSucks asked the film’s directors, Jukka Vidgren and Juuso Laatio, to whip us up a playlist of some of their favorite metal jams. The resulting mix includes Motörhead, Pantera, Megadeth, Type O Negative, Opeth, and tons more, and is sure to provide the perfect soundtrack for your next heavy trip.

Crank your speakers up to eleven and blast the playlist below. Scroll down a little further to read some comments on the playlist from the filmmakers themselves!

Says Laatio of the playlist:

“I remember being 13 and saving up my money to buy a new record. I had a few choices I had researched beforehand, but only money for one. I didn’t know when I could afford the next album, so I had to think about buying each record very carefully, since you couldn’t stream, download, rent, or even get to hear the songs you didn’t buy. Metal music wasn’t played on the radio either and there was no internet. I would go to a friend’s house, or sometimes just a guy you only knew because he owned a certain record, so I could hear the songs that were stuck in my head, and vice versa. Getting to hear the music you yearned for was hard, but I think it made it even more rewarding. You could feel the camaraderie between metal listeners, some unspoken brotherhood and respect for one another. I hope some of that feeling of camaraderie can be sensed from this movie. The four main guys in the film are not just friends in a band, they’re brothers in metal and heart.

“This list contains a lot of songs that got me started on my journey to metaldom, plus a few more recent ones that I used to listen to while filming HEAVY TRIP.”

Adds Vidgren:

“Unlike Juuso, I have never been a real metal head. I did have longer hair in my not-so-wild teenage years, but I didn’t grow it all the way to my ass cheeks like real metal heads. Saying this, I have to mention that a lot of metal music is very mainstream in Finland, so I’ve had my share.

“As Juuso has found the best of metal for this list, mine is more like crash course to Finnish music and the mind-state of small town Finland. And I’m one of those small-town boys myself.

“Here is a collection of some very obscure Finnish music, so all you hip and cool gals and dudes can say you found it first.

“First, we have the song ‘Kuusamo’ by Finnish veteran singer Danny. In the film our main characters are playing a death-metal cover from this song. The song came out in 1976 and every single Finnish person knows the melody and words by heart. The lyrics are about a small town in northeast Finland named Kuusamo, a place right next to where our film takes place. A fun fact is that, like many of its counterparts in Finnish pop-music at that time, this song is originally from Italy.

“The second song, ‘Vihreät niityt,’ is a great introduction to Finnish music genre called Rautalanka (which translates to ‘iron wire’). The name comes from the strings of an electric guitar and mostly it means instrumental rock music. This music came to Finland in the 60s and never left. The best band to get into Rautalanka is Agents. The band has been playing for decades and are still getting better. Just listen to that soft sound of the lead guitar. The band is also famous for having played with several of the leading singer-songwriters from Finland. The newest one is Ville Valo, the lead singer of metal band HIM. In our film the leading bad guy/sleaze bag Jouni Tulkku is playing this music, which is the norm in small towns and something very different from the symphonic-post-apocalyptic-reindeer-grinding-christ-abusing-war pagan-fennoscandia-metal of Impaled Rektum.

“The third song in my list (and the last one, as I want to keep this short and weird) is a song from the band Eppu Normaali. This is a band that started in the late ’70s as a hardcore punk band but has transformed into a stadium-size rock dinosaur that is known by everyone here. The reason this band is part of my list, apart from that it is an integral part of being a Finnish person, is that the lead singer of the band Martti Syrjä is playing in our film. The song I’ve chosen from them is an early classic from their career called ‘Poliisi pamputtaa’ (which translates to ‘Cops Beating’). Enjoy!”

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