Video: These Young Kids are HEAVY!


When I was the age of the kids in this video I was singing along to my Boyz II Men and Billy Joel cassette tapes on my Walkman, collecting baseball cards and furtively rollerblading around the neighborhood. “That explains a lot,” I hear you all saying. Touché.

The below video of Hammerhedd, comprised of three brothers who look to be in their pre-teen to early teen years, has gone viral, and with good reason: these kids fucking SLAY. Not just “awww, that’s so good for a bunch of kids!”-level slaying… actual, real deal, “holy shit, these guys RIP”-level slaying. They’re channeling some serious Gojira / Morbid Angel vibes, they’re tight as fuck, they sound great, and most impressively of all they LOOK like they know what they’re doing — they’re not just standing around awkwardly like most kids do, they’re fucking going for it!

Watch below. Labels, get on this band quick: this isn’t an Unlocking the Truth situation where the gimmick was all there was to it… these guys have a legitimate future! Visit Hammerhedd on Facebook here.

For those of you in the Kansas City area, Hammerhedd have an EP release show at The Riot Room on November 9th; details here.

[via Lambgoat]

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