Black Metallers Automb Unleash New Music Video, “Horned God”


Esoteric black metal trio Automb are gearing up for the release of their debut album, Esoterica, on October 22nd. Though the name Automb is just making its way into the scene, they’ve already garnered plenty of attention thanks to the the fact that its members have established careers with the likes of Necrophagia and Morbid Angel.

While I stand strong by the opinion that “female-fronted” is a trite and outdated band descriptor that needs to die immediately if not sooner, it would be heinous to brush over the fact that vocalist Danielle Evans is an absolute badass. Her thick, powerful growl commands the attention of the listener, accentuated by her ethereal stage presence on full display in Automb’s latest music video for “Horned God.”

“Horned God” is pure fucking black metal in every sense. DIY aesthetic? Check. Bone-crushing sonic depravity? Check. Satan? You better believe it. However, the band urges us to look further than the initial perceptions of the Satanic imagery: “Although we use prevalent satanic imagery, we encourage their viewers to look deeper into the meaning of these symbols before lumping us in with other ‘satanic black metal’ bands.”

Watch “Horned God” below, and pre-order Esoterica here.


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