Pyrexia Members Show Off Their Metal T-Shirt Collections!


A metalhead’s t-shirt collection contains some of their most prized possessions. Sweaty, stained and torn, our shirts are chronicles of our lives, physical markers of a past time and place that we pridefully put on our bodies every day. They have a clear pecking order: there are those shirts you wear only when all the best ones are in the laundry, there are the absolute favorites you wear once every couple of weeks, and there are all the shirts in between, each with their own clear rank. To a metalhead, T-shirts are EVERYTHING.

Pyrexia are the latest band to share their most prized threads for our series My Metal T-Shirt CollectionPyrexia are on the Bloodletting North America Tour with Arsis, Internal Bleeding, Within Destruction and AngelMaker right now (remaining dates at the bottom of this post; unfortunately Decrepit Birth have been forced to drop off the tour). Check out prior Bloodletting Tour-related My Metal T-Shirt Collection entries by Arsis’s James Malone, Internal Bleeding’s Chris McCarthy and a collaborative effort from Within Destruction

Pyrexia’s new album Unholy Requiem is out now via Unique Leader; order here.

1. Enemy Mind (Jim Beach, vocals)

Got this shirt about ten years ago, played an impromptu backyard show and was blown away by the rawness of the band! Plus the back speaks for itself. This is one shirt I make sure I keep around. You will probably see it on tour!

2. Nader Sadek (Alex Cohen, drums)

This is my Nader Sadek shirt from when I subbed in for Derek Roddy on drums in Nepal. It was an honor and an amazing memory, so this is my favorite shirt.

3. Misfits (Albie Bencosme, bass)

I got this shirt From Jerry Only’s very own hand at the merch table back in 2002. I’m wearing it today! Maybe tomorrow too.

4. Emperor (Danny Trapani, guitars)

I got this shirt over ten years ago at a local record shop on Long Island called Slipped Disc before they and most of the other indie record stores around the area shut down due to the rise of music downloading. It’s a shirt for Emperor’s single, “Reverence,” from my favorite black metal album of all time, Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk. The shirt is probably easily available somewhere on the internet now, but when I first found it it was still considered a rarity, especially on Long Island where black metal very rarely showed its face.

5. Vile (Ryan Hilerio, live drums)

One of my favorite bands, Vile, was on Bloodletting North America 5. The lineup was completely insane, as it featured Decrepit Birth, Deeds Of Flesh, Vile and Odious Mortem, all Unique Leader alumni. It was my first time seeing any of those guys and I was completely blown away. Vile’s 2002 release, Depopulate is one of my all time favorite albums. It’s completely devastating from start to finish and is a must-hear for any fan of brutal, Floridian style death metal.

6. Beheaded (Chris Basile, guitars)

This shirt brings back a lot of memories from our trip overseas in 2013. When you tour with another band they become part of your family. When I wear this shirt it reminds me of all the laughs we had on that tour and it brings me right back to being there. Not to mention the evil artwork on the front and the saying on the back that’s as metal as it gets.”

Arsis, Internal Bleeding, Pyrexia, Angelmaker and Within Destruction:

10/18 Laredo, Tx @ Ethos Bar
10/19 Houston, Tx @ Acadia Bar
10/20 New Orleans, La @ The Howlin’ Wolf
10/21 Orlando, Fl @ The Haven
10/21 Greenville, SC @ The Firmament
10/24 Virginia Beach, Va @ Shakas
10/25 Clifton, Nj @ Dingbatz
10/26 Brooklyn, Ny @ The Kingsland
10/27 Manchester, Nh @ Bungalow
10/28 Quebec, QC @ Salle Multi
10/30 Montreal, QC @ Les Foufounes Electriques
10/31 Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks
11/1 Detroit, Mi @ Harpos
11/3 Chicago, Il @ Reggies
11/4 Mirriam, Ks @ Aftershock
11/6 Denver, Co @ The Roxy Theater
11/7 Salt Lake City, Ut @ Metro Music Hall
11/9 Seattle, Wa @ Club Sur Rocks
11/11 Watsonville, Ca @ Appleton Bar and Grill

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