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ASG Cover Pink Floyd’s “Mother”


The Melvins, Mark Lanegan, Pallbearer, Scott Reeder and more are set to appear on The Wall [Redux], a metal reimagining of Pink Floyd’s classic album from start to finish that’s been gaining buzz for quite some time. Today we get ASG’s take on “Mother,” and it’s a good ‘un!

This cover plays it pretty close to the original. There’s a mandolin thrown in behind the acoustic guitar later in the track, and the band heavies it up some during the solo — which has a sweet harmonized guitar lead — but otherwise ASG haven’t taken many artistic liberties here. While normally I’m firmly in the “change things up quite a bit” camp when it comes to covers, I can’t knock ASG for keeping it simple here; it’s a fucking perfect track already, you know?

In a related, random thought: shouting “noooooo!” along with the crowd when Roger Waters sang “Mother, should I trust the government?” live — on his tour of The Wall in 2012 — was one of the most satisfyingly juvenile things I have ever done. And we didn’t even know about Trump yet! Fuck.

Check out the cover at Ultimate Classic Rock (it’s not embeddable yet). The Wall [Redux] comes out on November 9th via Magnetic Eye; pre-order here. You can check out Pallbearer’s take on “Run Like Hell” also, which is most certainly a departure from the original (in a good way).

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