What Does Corey Taylor Think of Lindsay Lohan Wearing a DIO Shirt?


BREAKING NEWS: Lindsay Lohan posted a photo of herself over the weekend wearing a Dio shirt at an unspecified NYC nightclub. Lohan deleted the photo shortly after posting it (surely she felt trepidatious about the A+++ journalists at MetalSucks catching wind), but not before a fan page in Europe re-grammed it.

So, as we are wont to do, we got to thinking what Corey Taylor might think if he saw Lindsay Lohan wearing a Dio shirt. Here is some speculation into the conjectural mind of what the only person in metal anyone seems to care about anymore might think about a really stupid topic that’s the only kind of non-Corey Taylor content people click on these days*:

  1. “Lindsay Lohan is still around?”
  2. “I wonder what would happen if Clown met Lindsay Lohan?”
  3. “Dude on the right looks like a haggard, old Jon Bon Jovi.”
  4. [Clicks @terrapinfamilyband link] “Holy shit, that’s Phil Lesh!”
  5. “Why the fuck is Phil Lesh hanging about with Lindsay Lohan?”
  6. “Who is that other woman? She looks like a very nice person.”
  7. “Really, though, I wonder what would happen if Clown met Lindsay Lohan?”
  8. “Seriously, Lindsay Lohan is still a thing?”
  9. “That’s actually a pretty sick shirt. Looks like a three-quarters baseball tee. Want.”
  10. “This new Slipknot material is the HEAVIEST we’ve ever written.”
  11. “Kinda thinking that Clown / Lindsay Lohan meeting needs to take place… possible collab??”
  12. “Wait really though, people still care about Lindsay Lohan?”
  13. “What are those goons at MetalSucks gonna post about me today? Sigh.”

So, that happened. Please return to your daily regimen of clicking on things that have to do with Corey Taylor and non-metal celebrities wearing metal shirts, then getting angry about both.

*Neither Corey Taylor nor Lindsay Lohan were available to comment on this article.

Additional reporting: Snaximus

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