Huge Slipknot and Corey Taylor News Update!! (October 24th, 2018)


Yesterday was a slow news day here at CoreyTaylorSucks, but that doesn’t mean our crack team of loyal MetalSucks Mansion Monkeys weren’t able to come up with some clever ways of generating hella clicks using his likeness so Axl and I can continue to mooch of the fat of the metal land!


Slipknot Announce 2019 European Tour


The upshot: Slipknot announced a big European tour for summer 2019, seemingly cementing the band’s promise that a new album will come out around that time.
Clickability rating: 4/10, most of our readers are in the U.S. so didn’t feel the need to click into a post about European tour dates.
What does Josh Rand think?: He knows where his bread is buttered. While this news means Stone Sour won’t be touring for a while, hopefully the band did well enough over the past year that he can afford to take some time off. Maybe he even got paid handsomely for this Zippo collaboration!
What does Corey Taylor think?: He posted “Be prepared for hell” on his Instagram along with the tour poster. Perhaps that’s an insight into his mindframe approaching an extremely busy 2019.
Will there be a U.S. tour announced too? Of course. Stay tuned.


Metallica Post First and Only Live Performance of “To Live is to Die,” Corey Taylor Reacts!!*


The upshot: Metallica released another live video from the archives to promote their 30th anniversary re-release of … And Justice for All. We shoehorned Corey Taylor into the headline as a shameless tactic for garnering more clicks.
Clickability rating: 7/10, the post was definitely one of the most successful traffic-wise of the day, but it’s not clear the extent to which Corey Taylor’s addition helped with that (Metallica are, of course, substantial click-generating machines on their own).
Status of Robert Trujillo’s braids: Not sure, I actually didn’t even watch the clip.
What does Corey Taylor think?: If I were him I’d be stoked to be included in the same headline as Metallica. He should be grateful!
Are you going to shell out for one of those 30th anniversary deluxe editions? LOL no, of course not, I haven’t bought physical product in nearly a decade. It just sits on a shelf. And sits. And sits.

Back atcha with more of what Corey Taylor thinks tomorrow, as always! Keep it real, Suckalos.

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