Iron Reagan Debut New WWE-Worthy Music Video


Virginia thrashers Iron Reagan have just dropped another new album following their boisterous split with Gatecreeper earlier in the year. This one’s called Dark Days Ahead, and you can hear all about it on the MetalSucks Podcast interview with vocalist Tony Foresta.

It’s an unspoken rule that if someone plays or simply enjoys listening to thrash metal, they’ve also gotta be into fighting. That’s just the natural order of the world. Fortunately for us, Iron Raegan know their audience — they’ve hulk-smashed us with a hilarious new fightin’ video for “Patronizer” that we never knew we needed. I learned at least a dozen new combos in a mere two minutes and 30 seconds.

Not only is this video a great educational resource for some serious self defense moves, but it would also make a fantastic drinking game if you’re in a rush. Body slam, take a shot. Fake blood, take a shot. Assault with a folding chair, that’s two shots. Boom, just like that, your pre-game is complete! Here’s what Foresta has to say:

“We are stoked to finally be able to release a video that combined two of our favorite things… bar fights and pro wrestling! Thanks to High and Allie and everyone else involved for making this one of the funnest videos we’ve ever shot!”

Dark Days Ahead and Iron Reagan’s split with Gatecreeper are both available now. You can also listen to Tony Foresta’s recent guest appearance on The MetalSucks Podcast.


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