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Avatar Crowdfunded $110,000 in Less Than 24 Hours


Holy crap. I had no idea Avatar were so popular!

The Swedish metal band released their latest album Avatar Country in January of this year and it’s already spawned three music videos, but the group wants to keep the video train rolling with something extra special, what they’re calling “a featurette.” The band endeavored to raise $50,000 from fans via Kickstarter to do it, and not only did they smash through that goal in less than two hours (!) but they kept on going, breaking $110,000 within one day. That’s insane! What’s more, four backers pledged at the $2,500 level. Holy fuck.

Here is how Avatar describe the project:

Avatar Country will be a featurette (longer that a short movie but shorter than the Godfather) based on the music of the album of the same name. It will tell the full story which has already partly been shown in the videos released this far. We will of course continue to work with Johan Carlén who has been in charge behind the camera for all our music videos since Black Waltz. We have developed a language of our own through the years and become great partners, instrumental in realizing each others visions.”

As for where all that extra money will go, the band had the foresight to outline in advance what they’d do with it in exactly such a circumstance:

“The minimum sum we are hoping to reach of $ 50,000 will be enough for us to green light the project and pull it off with some… compromises. The actual amount needed to realise our vision for this is $ 75,000. That means that there is plenty of room for improvement should this project get overfunded. To be completely honest, we are so anxious to get to do this that we are aiming kind of low, but the sky is the limit for what we can do on a larger budget which would lead to better visual effects, higher set quality, more studio time and much, much more especially in post production. “

With an additional $35k above their “our vision” goal, what kind of tricks will Avatar pull out for this production? Fire? Contortionists? Acrobats? A guest cameo by Corey Taylor? We shall see.

You can help fund the project here if you like; there are still plenty of packages available.

[via Metal Insider]

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