Here are the Stats for Yesterday’s Slipknot / Corey Taylor Posts


I wrote a post yesterday about Corey Taylor’s new braids, positing that it would perform better than most anything else published on the site despite its completely ridiculous subject matter. Metal “journalism” in 2018, y’all! I promised to share all of the site’s stats with you all, and I’m going to do that now.

Then Slipknot had to go and release a new song, which threw my entire theory out of whack. Obviously that dwarfed Corey’s dumb braids, and probably even negatively impacted the performance of the braids post — because who wants to see Corey’s new ‘do when there’s a new friggin’ Slipknot song?? Still, these numbers show the relative popularity of Slipknot / Corey Taylor above all else and also give insight into the other kinds of content that are popular right now.

Here are ten most visited pages on MetalSucks yesterday, October 31st. Note that this list includes some content published before yesterday (with one from 2013!) and that the numbers do not include continued traffic into today; these stats only reflect traffic on October 31st, 2018.

  1. Slipknot Release New Song “All Out Life” (7,144 views)
  2. On Pitchfork’s 1.6 out 10 Review of Greta Van Fleet (3,580) [published October 30th]
  3. Disturbing Details Emerge in the Karl Logan (Manowar) Child Pornography Case (3,497 views)
  4. Slayer’s Tom Araya Stirs Controversy Again with New Pro-Conservative Social Media Rhetoric (1,725 views) [published October 30th]
  5. Scientific American Explores the Appeal of Death Metal (1,672 views) [published October 30th]
  6. Ozzy Osbourne Complains That He Was “Not Allowed to Have Fucking Fun” During Black Sabbath Reunion (1,261)
  7. Avatar Crowdfunded $110,000 in Less Than 24 Hours (945 views) [published October 30th]
  8. Still Need a Halloween Costume? Try These Heavy Metal Cut-Out Halloween Masks! (653 views) [published back in 2013!!!]
  9. Corey Taylor Got His Hair Braided in the Bahamas (542 views)
  10. MetalSucks and Tone Deaf Touring Present: Hank Von Hell’s (Ex-Turbonegro) 2019 North American Tour (528 views)
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