Brutai’s “Upside Down” is a Surprisingly Soulful Tribute to Stranger Things


The UK’s Brutai celebrated Halloween earlier this week with the release of a new song, “Upside Down,” which pays homage to Netflix’s cultural sensation, Stranger Things. But speaking as someone with little knowledge of or appreciation for the show, I am here to tell you that Brutai’s “Upside Down” is worth your time regardless of whether or not you like Stranger Things (and regardless of the fact that Halloween has now come and gone, for that matter).

Despite the source of inspiration and the season of release, the only thing scary about “Upside Down” is the emotions it may conjure. Brutai are not, as their name may suggest, brutal. “Upside Down” is melodious and melancholic, like the echo of a barely-remembered dream that nonetheless dictates your mood for the rest of the day, but it’s also soaring and groovy and expectant. Vince once called the band “Soilwork Lite;” I’d argue they sound more like the lovechild of 3 and TesseracT. Honestly, compare them to whomever and whatever you want — just listen to ’em:

Pretty great, right?

“Upside Down” is now available for purchase here. Go get it.

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