Ronnie James Dio Hologram Scheduled for More Than 100 Shows in 2019

  • Axl Rosenberg

The Abomination Against God commonly known as the ‘Dio Hologram’ will ‘perform’ more than a hundred shows next year.

The news comes via a Billboard report that Eyellusion, the company responsible for this cultural herpe sore, has signed with the Agency for the Performing Arts, where they’ll be represented by a guy named Steve Martin, who, I’m sure you’ll be relieved to learn, is not that Steve Martin. The story off-handedly mentions that the Dio hologram “is set to hit over a 100 cities in 2019 with an accompanying live five-person band.”

Presumably, those will be the same musicians who previously played second fiddle to the optical illusion: guitarist Craig Goldy, drummer Simon Wright, keyboardist Scott Warren, and bassist Bjorn Englen (vocalists Oni Logan, from Lynch Mob, and Tim “Ripper” Owens, from those two Judas Priest albums that aren’t even on Spotify or Apple Music, were also sometimes present, I guess in case the hologram had problems hitting the high notes or something). Previously known as ‘Dio Disciples,’ the group is now going by the name ‘Dio Dependents.’

The story also says there’s a Frank Zappa hologram they’re going to tour. So at least Ronnie won’t be the only legend rolling in his grave.

I’m sure we’ll revisit this subject once the hologram’s itinerary has been announced. I hear they’re having some problems hammering out its rider but those dates should be coming soon.

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