Louder.me Offers $1,000 for the Best Metal Song


Louder.me Offers <img decoding=Right now new music app Louder.me is conducting its first Tournament with the goal of determining the best rock or metal song of November. The winner of this competition will get $1,000, big money for independent artists without label contracts. No big bands are allowed. Thousands of listeners from all around the world will decide the winner.

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Sixty four bands from different parts of the world will be challenging one another throughout this week in a full elimination battle. Each day will see half of the songs gone with the best ones proceeding further, and it will all end with a grand finale this weekend!

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Get on board before it’s too late and discover tons of great heavy music! Louder.me is designed for music lovers that have gotten sick of the mainstream and want to find something fresh. Searching for new music is easy and it all depends on your preferences; every song is assigned a rating that is determined by how many listeners actually liked it. This process is very addictive and in the end you’ll get your personalized playlist with all the best songs.

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