What Do Corey Taylor and Jered Threatin Think of the New Venom Song?

  • Axl Rosenberg

The legendary Venom have debuted the song “Bring Out Your Dead,” from their new album, Storm the Gates, which will comes out December 14 on Spinefarm. You can stream the song below.

With those pesky details out of the way, let’s get to why you really clicked through on this article — you want to know what Corey Taylor and Jered Threatin think of the song!!!

Unfortunately, we have no clue, as MetalSucks does not currently have a direct line to Misters Taylor and Threatin. Having said that… we can hypothesize!

So: Corey. He’s such a nice dude, I can’t imagine he’d ever say an unkind word about the song publicly unless he was provoked to do so (see: last year’s feud with Chad Kroeger). Even privately, he might find something to appreciate about the song. I’m told there are people who can find things to appreciate about even the smelliest of shits.

As for Jered, I assume he’d like to invite us all to come see Venom open for Threatin on his 2019 stadium tour. Stay tuned for dates!

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