These are the Top 3 Metal Themed Online Slots


When online casinos first came on the scene, they were low quality and were in need of much refinement. Nothing alike the new sites we see of today such as WizardSlots. But, this was not unlike many other websites at the time, they were poorly rendered, had little by way of depth, user design was extremely poor, and loading times were slower than a flight from the UK to Australia. Of course, the potential was always there and its users were standing by ready to experience the next wave of online technology. It’s just that, at the time, the delivery wasn’t quite where it needed to be. If you enjoyed card games, for example, and were excited by the idea of playing them online, you would have been disappointed to have seen that the numbers were barely visible (as they were just too blurry). Added to that, the roulette wheel was prone to stuttering, and barely any imagination was present in slot games, with only a small number of themed games among a plethora of generic ones. Fortunately, as we have been introduced to more advanced technology, online casinos have improved vastly, introducing other themed games and improved graphics for all fans of online slot games.

There are numerous casino operators out there, which has resulted in much competition in the marketplace, which is great for customers as they have a lot of choice when it comes to which one to play at. There are some edgy slots available, too, like Hell’s Grannies, which you can try out on Slots.info. The rockabilly-punk-biker granny characters give us far more than the slots of old, and there’s even a free version. In fact, there are some truly innovative games to play, thanks to online casinos with more technology at their disposal. There are some great metal-themed slots, too. Here we take a look at the three best metal and rock-themed slot games available to play today.


Megadeth are an awesome band with a hardcore following and with music so powerful that it could literally blow you away. So it only stands to reason that there’s a slot game themed around them that even features their music to keep you entertained while you’re playing. The game is full of fun but it’s also well designed. The developers didn’t simply take Megadeth’s name and deliver a second-rate product. Dave Mustaine acts as one of the Wild Symbols and there is also a feature termed Mega Nudge that can assist you on your way towards some pretty sizeble signings. If you enjoy slots and are a fan of the band, you’ll love this one.

Guns N’ Roses

It was their 30th year in the business and so the band decided to commemorate the occasion by teaming up with one of the world’s most premium casino software companies, NetEnt. In the development of the game, it was decided that it would take on the band’s logo and colours, as well as have other parts of the game sticking with the Guns N’ Roses theme. One part of the game, Legend Spins, pays tribute to the band’s legendary status. It’s a fun way to enjoy slots, as well as engage with one of popular culture’s most unique and interesting bands.


It isn’t likely to be a shock to you that with the band’s innovative and unique power, KISS have a casino game based around them. When these rockers do anything, they like to go big. This game sticks to that philosophy with some of KISS’s most famous songs playing, enormous KISS logos on every machine, and spins and bonuses themed around members of the band. It’s a fun game that both beginners and advanced players can enjoy.

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