Here’s an Adorable Photo of Corey Taylor as a Sulking Teenager


The oncoming holiday season seems to have inspired Corey Taylor to take a deep dive through his family photo archives. The Slipknot / Stone Sour frontman previously posted a Christmas photo of himself as a nine-year-old, lookin’ all cute and adorable, and now he’s checked in with another snap from a few years later in which he looks appropriately disinterested and misanthropic with what’s going on around him.

This is V.V. Important Internet Content, people!!! I hope you’re paying close attention.

Unlike the previous photo, this one doesn’t have any distinct identifying factors that can definitively place Corey’s age at the time it was taken although he does note it’s from the ’80s, meaning he was 17 at the oldest. There is still plenty to love about and learn from it, though, beyond the aforementioned scowl of disinterest on Corey’s face, a sign of things to come.

For one, all the ’80s home decorations are A+++, as Corey notes. Those wall decorations! The floral patterns! Soooo ’80s Midwest (a lot of homes in the Midwest still look this way).

But also… is that Corey’s little sister? I didn’t know Corey had a sister! She keeps a low profile. I was able to dig up this 2011 video of Corey singing happy birthday to her at an acoustic performance in New York City, where she lives (or lived), but not much else. Her name is Ashley. She’s so cute in this photo and looks a whole lot like her brother!

Cheers to the Taylors this year. May all their holiday wishes be granted!! And may all of mine continue to be granted by the continual click gold that is Corey Taylor.

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