Mayhem: Per “Dead” Ohlin Skull Fragment for Sale

  • Axl Rosenberg

Usually, when MetalSucks reports on a “rare chance to own a piece of metal history,” we’re talking about, like, gear used by a famous musician, or maybe a cool piece of signature clothing. Sure sure, once in awhile we’ll be referring to something strange, like Guns N’ Roses’ old dryer or Devin Townsend’s spatula. But generally speaking, the phrase “a piece of metal history” does not mean “an actual piece of a historic metal musician.”


Then there’s this:

Serial Killers Ink, “a true crime collectibles and memorabilia company,” is now selling a two-page typed letter from Mayhem founder Øystein “Euronymous” Aarseth to Tamas Vamosi, manager for the band Tormentor and the Hungarian rep for Euronymous’ label, Deathlike Silence. The letter was written five days after the suicide of then-Mayhem vocalist Per “Dead” Ohlin, and includes a fragment of Dead’s skull.

Euronymous, you’re surely aware, was living with Dead at the time of the frontman’s suicide, and infamously took photos of Dead’s corpse and collected pieces of Dead’s skull before calling authorities. He gifted the skull fragments to those he deemed sufficiently ‘true.’

All of which would be bizarre enough… but the tone of Euronymous’ letter is hauntingly nonchalant, casually mentioning the inclusion of the ‘gift’ only in the final paragraph:

“OK! That should be all. I’m enclosing a little piece from Dead’s cranium in case you’d like to have it. Hear from you soon!”

Mayhem: Per “Dead” Ohlin Skull Fragment for Sale

In case it isn’t readily apparent, the skull fragment is tiny — in fact, another photo, taken specifically for scale, show it’s smaller than a penny.

Mayhem: Per “Dead” Ohlin Skull Fragment for Sale

The letter and skull fragment will cost you a mere $3,500. But can you think of a cooler way to let potential romantic and sexual partners know that they should have nothing to do with you? I can’t!

You can buy this truly one-of-a-kind piece of collectible here. There are also some other, cheaper, less gross pieces of Mayhem memorabilia available for sale here.

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