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Five Heavy Metal Songs About Gambling


Heavy metal is thought to have grown out of both blues rock and psychedelic rock. The latter has long had a reputation for its grand plan to offer music suitable to those who enjoy chemical stimulation. Combining this with the kind of guitar riffs we find in blues, we are left with a sound that has managed to find its very own subculture. Heavy metal offered a sound that cut across a demographic that was waiting to be served. Lemmy from Motorhead once told Needs that while their fans are all over the place, they don’t really care who they are, as long as they enjoy the music.

Heavy metal has made its way into various parts of popular culture, including gambling. Gambling has grown in popular culture since the dawn of the internet, with more and more online casinos cropping up all the time. In the U.S. nearly any gambling site is offering online casino bonus for newcomers who just signed up. This led to the growth of review sites of the top online casinos in the U.K. like www.bestcasinosites.net, which go as far as to offer information such as the history of gambling, gambling laws and so on. There have been numerous songs in the genre that either reference, or are entirely about, gambling. While we’re looking here at heavy metal, in particular, there are other genres, such as country, with songs like “The Gambler,” or even pop, with Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” which have at least referenced the popular pastime. But for now, let’s stick to heavy metal.

It’s useful to know the initial heavy metal demographic, as it offers some insight into the various subgroups prevalent with references to gambling and other aspects of pop culture that it’s become associated with. Of course, as we’ve seen throughout history, artists will always express themselves in a way that’s not only a means to tell personal stories but to comment on society as a whole. With this in mind, it makes perfect sense that heavy metal has been influenced by a pastime as exciting as gambling. Here are five heavy metal songs about gambling.

“Train of Consequences” by Megadeth

This one tackles the effects of gambling head-on, specifically how it affects the individual, along with the world in which he lives. The song’s subject matter was a nice change of pace from the typical exultation of vices we saw in thrash metal back then, with the song shocking most fans, not just in subject matter but also in style.

“The Angel and the Gambler” by Iron Maiden

This song addresses a young addicted gambler looking to break free from his habit but can’t as he’s always dragged back to it.

“Smoke on the Water” by Deep Purple

While this song wasn’t inspired by gambling per se, it was in response to a Frank Zappa concert which happened to take place at a casino that burned to the ground. The song’s title is a tribute to what the band saw as the casino burned. The band witnessed the disaster from across the waters of Lake Geneva.

“The Jack” by AC/DC

This is another one directly inspired by gambling; specifically a card game where a girl wins with a jack every single time.

“Ace of Spades” by Motorhead

Perhaps the best-known heavy metal song about gambling ever, it talks about a man’s passion for gambling and how while he knows the risks involved, it’s those risks that make gambling so appealing to him. He says that the one thing he needs is the ace of spades. The classic song is not only well-known in terms of gambling references but is one of the best heavy metal songs of all time.

Gambling has played a huge role in the subject matter of heavy metal, and continues to do so. May we be so bold as to suggest that we’ve yet to hear the best songs about gambling from this genre?

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