This New Hyvmine Jam “Retaliation” is Catchy as Hell


Last we checked in with Hyvmine, the progressive metal / hard rock outfit’s guitarist Al Joseph had this to offer about the band’s newly released EP: “The Fight Or Flight EP means pure metal to me. It’s was a chance for us to put our more commercial side away and just shred.”

I suppose the band’s latest track “Retaliation” means back to business, then, because it’s one of the most commercial-sounding tracks Hyvmine have released to date… in a good way! There are plenty of insanely talented players in the progressive metal space at the moment, but very few acts who expertly occupy the gray area between metal and hard rock, progressive chops and concise songwriting, impressive musicianship and catchy choruses. “Retaliation” shows that Hyvmine are capable of just that, with the emphasis squarely on songwriting — that chorus, with its vocal harmonies… so catchy! — but with plenty of deft musicianship thrown in if you know where to listen for it. This is how modern hard rock sounds when it’s done right instead of rehashing the same active rock radio format that’s been beat into the ground over the past 20 years.

Check out “Retaliation” below. A new album from Hyvmine is expected in early or mid 2019 via Seek and Strike; follow the band on Facebook for now.

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