Two New Demon Hunter Songs > Two New In Flames Songs


What kind of bizarro world do we now occupy in which MetalSucks is praising Demon Hunter over In Flames?? Such a stance would’ve been unthinkable years ago, let alone yesterday… but yet here we are.

The Swedish melodeath pioneers released two new songs today, and they’re… meh. As our own Axl Rosenberg so succinctly put it, “cool riffs, forgettable choruses.”

The American melodeath copycats just put out two new songs as well, and they’re… look, I’m not saying Demon Hunter are my new favorite band or anything, but they’re better than the former’s two new entries. Demon Hunter have been working the Soilwork-Lite angle for a number of years now and they’re really leaning into that formula here, especially vocally (the second one, “Peace,” has a particularly catchy, Speed Strid-esque chorus). It’s definitely weird that Demon Hunter copying Soilwork copying In Flames are currently better than In Flames themselves… but yeah, I dunno, man, them’s the breaks.

Check out “On My Side” and “Peace” below. Demon Hunter will release two new albums, War and Peace, on March 1st via Solid State Records.

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