Shocking New Study Reveals That Many Metal Fans Like Drugs and Alcohol


In news that is sure to shake the extreme music world to its very core, a new study conducted by DrugAbuse.com suggests that the majority of metal fans like to get fucked up at shows.

The study “surveyed over 970 people about their substance use, their average age when first consuming alcohol or drugs at music events, and why they chose to use these substances at live music events.” The results conclude that metal is the second-most “intoxicated concert genre,” topped only by EDM*, with roughly 62% “of people attending heavy metal… festivals [claiming] they’d also consumed either drugs or alcohol.”

Unfortunately, the study did not disclose how many of its 970+ participants attended metal shows. It may have been all of them, it may have been five of them. If it was five of them, then three of them said they used drugs or alcohol, which, I’d argue, is too small a sample size to definitively say anything about the general metal populace’s substance use. It’s not that I doubt that metal fans love to get fucked up — honestly, I think 62% is probably a low number — it’s just that I doubt this study’s ability to make such a determination.

Having said that, if, for fun, you want to pretend that the survey represents something approximating the truth, here are some other fun statistics produced by the study:

  • Metal fans first use drugs and/or alcohol around age 19, younger than fans of any other genre.
  • 41% of metal fans say they use alcohol and/or drugs to reduce anxiety.
  • Metal fans drink more booze than fans of any other genre, save for alternative.
  • Metal fans use more hallucinogens than fans of any other genre, save for EDM and indie rock.
  • Metal fans are somehow not even in the top three for weed (reggae, hip-hop, and EDM) or cocaine (EDM, hip-hop, and blues).

You can read the entire thing here and enjoy some pretty graphics below, although they don’t really tell you anything I didn’t just tell you already.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go get high.


*Holy shit, you mean people who like EDM like to get fucked up, too? HAS ANYONE ALERTED THE PRESIDENT?!?!?!

[via Loudwire]

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