Enlarge He says he needs to focus on finishing up Megadeth's next album.

Dave Mustaine is Taking a Break from Social Media


Dave Mustaine has exercised much more restraint lately when it comes to expressing his often unpopular opinions publicly. It’s been quite a while since he said anything offensive about African women, something patently false about Barack Obama or about watching Bill O’Reilly and Fox News. He even pledged to tone down the politics on Megadeth’s next album.

Speaking of that album — which, by the way, has blast beats — Mustaine has now announced that he’ll be withdrawing from social media so he can focus on finishing it. In a new post to Twitter, the red-maned vertical cell phone filmer said:

“Droogs, I’m pulling back on Social Media as things rev up re: LP 16. Not enough time to do my job(s).

“Progress is good. Music is fast and strong. All four [members of the band] contributing. Things are good. Get updates via Megadeth.com until we finish LP 16. I’m hurryin’. Really!”

A few things here: 1) Droogs?? Really? 2) “Fast and strong,” lol 3) “Social Media” should not be capitalized, that’s very Trumpian. 4) If I may be un-snarky for a moment, it’s cool that all members of the band are contributing.

And then I found twenty bucks.

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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