Clown: “I’m Having the Best Time of My Life in Slipknot.”


The metal world has been short on Slipknot news the past few days which is really a shame because MetalSucks needs those big click dollars to keep afloat!! Thankfully that Edible Arrangement we sent Slipknot’s manager Cory Brennan as a holiday gift appears to have done some good, as Clown has now granted an interview to Kerrang!, surely his own way of saying “Thanks, MetalSucks, I really enjoyed those chocolate covered strawberries!”

Here’s what Clown offered on the Slipknot camp gearing up for the next couple of years of insanity, kicking off with an album release and tour later in 2019:

Have you ever gone into an album and touring cycle feeling this refreshed and ready before?

“Never. Not even the first time. It’s always been a mess. I’m not gonna say it’s not gonna be a mess now, but shit’s happening. It’s on. We’re all ready to go. Everybody is so excited. It’s even better that Corey Taylor is really excited, because he does a lot of work, goes out with Stone Sour, does solo gigs and solo things – from books, to award shows. Whatever he’s doing, he does a lot. And it’s always awesome to feel his excitement. Most people in his situation would be like, ‘I’m gonna take a year off’, but he’s got a certain demeanor right now for Slipknot. And that feels awesome. And that’s how it feels now with all the guys. We have a schedule, and it’s fucking hardcore, and there’s a lot of things going on inside that schedule.”

But it’s all feeling good?

“I’m having the best time of my life in Slipknot – I really am. I’m blessed to be here, and I still have a band and art form that I love more than anything. They’re my friends. We’ve lost some, we’ve gained some, but we’re all still here and we’ve learned a lot. The music is on fire, the art, I feel, means something to people – and it hasn’t always felt that way for me. A lot of that is just me slowing down: relaxing, and trying to have a better time, and having a little fun. But I’m still me and I’m still Clown, and I’m getting older. I don’t see the worst in a lot of the things I used to fight for. I’m just in a good place, and I want to come out on top for myself.”

And that’s the most sensical statement you’ll ever hear from Clown. There’s not even one part where he goes off the rails into lala land! How disappointing.

In case you missed it, Corey Taylor teased his new mask design over the holiday break. Get excite!!!

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