And the Metal Bands Slated to Play Bonnaroo 2019 are…


… Gojira and Deafheaven.

Bonnaroo has not been the most metal-friendly festival in the past. Clutch and Lamb of God performed in 2016, but the 2017 and 2018 lineups did not feature any metal bands.

Meanwhile, another festival that’s often mentioned in the same breath as Bonnaroo, Coachella, just announced their mostly metal-less 2019 lineup. That festival has historically been more willing to welcome metal into the fold, albeit in a limited capacity.

In any case, I could definitely see the Bonnaroo crowd getting down with Deafheaven; the vocals will be a turn-off to some, but anyone who’s into shoegaze may have an open enough mind to enjoy it. Gojira, though… whew, that’ll be interesting! There is absolutely something to be said for the sheer POWER and tightness of a Gojira performance — it is quite something to behold, and it might leave many a normie in total awe — but fuck, to the average Phish fan that band will be the heaviest, most abrasive and un-pleasing thing they’ve ever heard. In other words: it’ll be amazing! We really ought to send a video crew to cover crowd reactions.

Also: let the Gojira/Deafheaven summer tour rumors begin.

Here’s a live vid of Gojira to remind you of what Bonnaroo attendees will be in for. The festival takes place June 13-16 in Manchester, TN.

[via Lambgoat]

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