This Metal Cover of Robyn’s “Honey” is Glorious


Some things are simply meant to go together. And so, in the glorious tradition of such legendary combinations as peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots and chili and Fritos, we give you The Gaba Ghoulies’ marvelous cover of Robyn’s “Honey,” the perfect distillation of metal and pop.

The connections between Robyn and metal don’t end with The Gaba Ghoulies, of course. Robyn’s latest album nabbed the #1 spot on my 2018 year-end list, and I’ve long held that metalheads love Robyn. In a way, Robyn’s sonic palette pre-empted synthwave… and we need not re-hash the recent rise in popularity of acts like Perturbator and GosT with the battle vest set.

The Gaba Ghoulies duo of Samantha Campanile and Jordan Olds (who you may know from Two Minutes to Late Night) mercifully avoids usual pop-goes-metal cover tropes like chugged breakdowns and various djentisms in favor of a warm palette of distorted guitars and organic drums, staying true to the original’s format while shaking up the arrangement. It’s just what “Honey” needed… not that it wasn’t already perfect as it was. Check out the cover below.

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