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Drag Me Out: Denis Stoff’s New Band Is Still Not as Bad as Asking Alexandria


“Singer” Denis Shaforostov, sometimes known as ‘Denis Stoff,’ has had a nifty little career thus far fronting horrible bands like Asking Alexandria and Make Me Famous. His latest act of audio terrorism arrives in the form of Drag Me Out, a band for people who love to give orders, but only if they’re kinda vague. The group’s first single, “I’m Sorry,” is pretty bad, but it’s got a hook, and is less irritating than anything I’ve ever heard from Asking Alexandria. Granted, that bar is so low as to reside in the Mariana Trench, but still, it’s an improvement. At this rate, Denis may release something pretty decent circa 2059.

Interesting side note for my fellow gossipy yentas: Drag Me Out appear to be signed to Asking Alexandria’s longtime label, Sumerian. That might not surprising, but Sumerian founder/end game boss Ash Avildsen seemed pretty peeved at Stoff at the time. I wonder what happened there. I mean, I’ll stop wondering and completely forget this band exists as soon as I hit “publish” on this piece, but for the next ten to fifteen seconds, I am definitely curious.

Watch the video for “I’m Sorry” below so you can see Stoff make sensual faces like these:

No word on when/if Drag Me Out will release an album.

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