What Movie(s) You Should Watch Tonight Based on Your Favorite Metal Band


If You Love Slipknot, You Should Watch Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon

Why You’ll Dig It: This deconstructionist slasher flick’s mix of violence, gallows humor, and pop culture iconography will make any Maggot squirm with delight.

If You Love Megadeth, You Should Watch Escape from New York

Why You’ll Dig It: This sci-fi action classic, in which a staunch individualist tries to survive in a despotic, post-apocalyptic America, might as well be scored to Peace Sells.

If You Love Ghost, You Should Watch Both Suspirias

Why You’ll Dig ‘Em: If you love the theatrical and making old things new again, you’re guaranteed to be hooked by a double feature of Dario Argento’s phantasmagoric 1977 original and Luca Guadagnino’s opaque 2018 reimagining.

If You Love Iron Maiden, You Should Watch The Pit and the Pendulum

Why You’ll Dig It: Twenty years before he cameoed on “The Number of the Beast,” Vincent Price starred in this adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s story about a Spanish Inquisitor, directed by the legendary Roger Corman and written by Richard Matheson (I Am LegendThe Twilight Zone). The subsequent mix of the horrific and the historical seems ready made for Maidenites.

If You Love Pantera, You Should Watch Brawl in Cell Block 99

Why You’ll Dig It: Don’t ask questions. Just trust us on this one. And if the movie seems to start a little slow, give it time — we guarantee you’ll be hooked long before it ends.

If You Love Tool, You Should Watch Primer

Why You’ll Dig It: Primer is at once the head-trippiest and most realistic-feeling time travel movie ever made; we’ve seen it half a dozen times and we’re still not entirely sure what the hell is going on. For Tool fans, who love to dive deep into the conceptual aspects of the band’s music, the flick seems like a no-brainer.

If You Love The Dillinger Escape Plan, You Should Watch Last Year at Marienbad

Why You’ll Dig It: This visceral and mind-mending Escher drawing of a movie that deals in themes of love and memory should appeal to fans of DEP’s intense, laws-of-physics-defying mathcore.

If You Love Gojira, You Should Watch Silent Running

Why You’ll Dig It: This classic sci-fi eco-thriller is about a scientist who will do anything to save… plants. Sounds Duplantierrific to us!

If You Love GWAR, You Should Watch The Greasy Strangler

Why You’ll Dig It: The Greasy Strangler is tasteless, gross, bizarre, hilarious, and awesome. Sound like anyone else you know?

If You Love Stray from the Path, You Should Watch Green Room

Why You’ll Dig It: This terrifying thriller about a hardcore band trying to escape death at the hands of skinheads seems tailor made for fans of “Goodnight Alt-Right.”

If You Love Portal, You Should Watch Begotten

Why You’ll Dig It: Begotten is one of the strangest, most disturbing experimental films ever made. If that doesn’t also describe the music of Portal, nothing does.

If You Love Metallica, You Should Watch The Godfather and Jack

Why You’ll Dig It: Metallica made some of the greatest metal albums of all time. Francis Ford Coppola made some of the greatest films of all time. Metallica also made St. Anger. Coppola also made Jack. The similarities are self-evident.

If You Love Slayer, You Should Watch Pretty Much Any James Bond Movie

Why You’ll Dig It: Sure, the earlier ones are best, but at the end of the day, they’re basically all the same.

If You Love All That Remains, You Should Watch American Sniper

Why You’ll Dig It: Lazy, jingoistic garbage that made a lot of money. Should be right up any All That Remains fan’s alley.

If You Love Bad Wolves, You Should Watch Big Bad Wolves

Why You’ll Dig It: No particular reason.

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