Would You Listen to the New King 810 Song for “A Million Dollars”?


King 810 have premiered another track from their forthcoming album, Suicide King. It’s called “A Million Dollars.” Normally, that’s the amount of money I’d advise you request in exchange for listening to King 810 music, but this is by far the best King 810 song I’ve ever heard, so in this instance, I think you can agree to listen in exchange for, I dunno, half a million. I mean, I’m not gonna give you that kinda money. I don’t especially care if you listen to it or not. Also, if I had half a million dollars handy, I wouldn’t be writing about King 810 right now. I’m just saying the song is better than this band’s usual drek.

What makes it so much better? Honestly, it’s just that they changed shit up a little bit. Most of their songs are like boring spoken word poems celebrating machismo and peppered with screaming; it’s like they were perpetually trying to wed Slipknot’s “The Virus of Life,” Duff McKagan’s “Lonely Tonite,” and the lyrics of CB4.

But “A Million Dollars” adds some new twists to the K810 formula by way of aping Rammstein and Marilyn Manson.

I don’t know what inspired King 810 to make such a radical adjustment to their sound — maybe it’s the fact that they’re basically a new band now — but I hope they continue to expand their horizons.

Suicide King is out January 25.

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