The Ghost Inside are Recording Something


It’s been over three years since The Ghost Inside’s horrific bus accident that left several members with life-changing injuries. With some of the band members still not fully recovered, progress towards making music again has been slow; the band gathered to jam together in April of last year and drummer Andrew Tkaczyk has been releasing solo material, but things have otherwise been quiet as of late.

Now it seems that three band members have gathered together to create new music of some kind. Responding to a fan on Twitter asking when the band might do so, bassist Jim Riley posted a selfie showing Tkaczyk and vocalist Jonathan Vigil at a recording desk. It’d be a bit of a leap to claim the band is “in the studio” the way that phrase is usually used — to me, this looks like a home setup (albeit a very nice one) — but it certainly is quite encouraging to see. My best guess is that they’re writing together and/or working on demos, which is a huge step in the right direction.

More as we get it.

[via Kerrang!]

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