Mudfuck: The Cringiest Band of 2019


I’m not sure what to make of the fact that Mudfuck describe themselves as “the cringiest band of 2019.” Does their self-awareness and/or intentional cringiness make their new video for “Comebacc” any less, well, cringey? It’s really quite something, I’ll say that, and it’s a wicked entertaining watch (they’re from Boston) regardless of whether they meant it that way or not. From the singer’s face tattoos and openly flaunted beer belly to the “Cult of Personality” ripoff riff to the production aesthetic there’s a whole lot to cringe at here, so sit back, crack open a cold Kuge, imagine this band playing the vaunted 5:15pm slot at the Chug Suckle, and thank your friends at Toilet ov Hell for bringing this to our attention.

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