Crank John 5’s “Crank It”


John 5 once told me that the reason he’s proficient with so many different genres of music is because he just loves music, in all of its many forms, period. That’s readily apparent on his new single, “Crank It — Living with Ghosts.” The track starts out as a danceable, electronica-tinged ESPN Jock Jam in the vein of something his current boss, Rob Zombie, might release… and then, about halfway through, it becomes an epic, gothic, horror movie score. All of it is punctuated by Mr. 5’s incredible shredding, natch, and all of it is A++++.

Check out “Crank It” via the below music video, which has lots of appropriately trippy blacklight neon shit and a lava lamp guitar and all kinds of other crap sure to make the 13-year-old in you go “WHOA!”. The track will appear on John 5’s next album, Invasion. That record still has no release date… but John does have a bunch of tour dates coming up later this month! Get ’em here.

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