Watch Dave Grohl Cover Metallica with the Zac Brown Band


In the perfect storm of online clickability (every modern performer’s goal, surely!), Dave Grohl got up on stage last night (January 31st) in Atlanta, GA to cover Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” as a special guest with a most unlikely of non-metal headliners: The Zac Brown Band.

While Metallica is a far cry from Zac Brown’s best-known hit, “Chicken Fried,” at this point there’s something equally ‘Murican about “Enter Sandman” as, well, fried chicken — it’s a staple, and every damn person in the land knows it and loves it. The Foo Fighters’ frontman, ever the cheer-leader (and an avid metalhead), did a fine job fronting the outfit and amping up the crowd. Is this the first-known instance of Metallica played with a violin? Almost certainly not, but the novelty must’ve been fun to all those in attendance.

Check out some fan-filmed footage below.

[via Ultimate Guitar]

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