Arkansas Senator Furious About Eyehategod “Baby-Eating” Show Poster


Today has been a pretty solid reminder of why I live in a Blue State. First, we learned that West Virginians, include state police, are giving the Metal in the Mountains festival a hard time because it allegedly uses illegal profanity and attracts Satanists. Now Jason Rapert, a Republican Senator from Arkansas, has his nipples in a twist over this Eyehategod show poster, which includes an image of him consuming a baby.

Arkansas Senator Furious About Eyehategod “Baby-Eating” Show Poster

Rapert’s objection to the image isn’t that he thinks it will fool his constituents into believe he dines on toddler, although it would be hilarious if that was his concern. No, he’s just pissy over the very concept of the poster itself, which he calls “disrespectful of all who value babies lives” [sic].

Says the Senator in a statement:

“Friends, I rarely share with you the hateful posts and pictures that extreme liberals make about me to torment my stand for better moral values. But this time I want you to see what they have done. They use my image on an event without my permission and they depict me ‘biting a baby’ in my mouth. A wicked and evil depiction on an event entitled ‘Eyehategod’. I call on Vinos in Little Rock to cancel this event and apologize for such a disrespectful image that shows the dehumanization of babies lives. It is disrespectful of all who value babies lives and people of faith. They also clearly welcome the Satanic Temple in another post I am sharing. I urge you NOT to frequent Vinos and stand against their hateful rhetoric.”

Senator Rapert, who has previously taken on the Satantic Temple, is anti-choice, has advocated nuking ISIS, suggested that the United States should adopt Saudi Arabia’s violent laws against homosexuality, and famously told a Tea Party rally that “we’re not going to allow minorities to run roughshod over what you people believe in.” Point being, I dunno where he gets off screaming about “hateful rhetoric.” That would be like me bitching and moaning over typos. Makes no fucking sense.

Vino’s hasn’t responded, and I don’t expect them to; I imagine Rapert’s statement will not only have little negative impact on their business, but will, in fact, drive metal fans and the generally-liberal to the venue. Going to an Eyehategod show is always a good idea, but I implore local residents to make sure this gig sells out as a way of telling Rapert to stick it where the sun don’t shine. If you don’t live in Arkansas, that’s okay, too — just try to help spread this image of Rapert wherever you can. It clearly bugs him.

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