Corey Taylor Working on “Very Special Music” with Rapper Kid Bookie


The British rapper Kid Bookie says that he and Slipknot/Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor have made “some very VERY special music” together, which he promises will be released “soon.”

The collaboration appears to have come together as the result of an exchange on Twitter last week, which began with Bookie expressing his love for “Wait and Bleed” and took off from there:

For those of you who are lousy at math, this means that Kid Bookie and Corey Taylor first spoke, planned to collaborate, and presumably at least demoed something Kid Bookie feels is “very special” all in under a week. Modern technology is a wonderful thing.

ANYHOO, we have no idea what this collaboration will yield, but if Kid Bookie is to be believed, we’ll know before too long. Stay tuned…

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