Enlarge Thankfully she agrees that he's great!

Pro Vocal Coach Critiques Bruce Dickinson’s Performance on “Hallowed Be Thy Name”


Ever since getting hip to vocal coach Beth Roars’ YouTube channel last month through her video critique of Devin Townsend’s vocal technique I’ve been hooked. Metal isn’t all she covers on her channel but it’s squarely in the rotation, and watching her videos has given me a crash course on the intricacies of metal vocals. Like, we all know that Devin Townsend, Bruce Dickinson, etc. are talented vocalists, but do you know why and how? I never bothered much to break down their techniques, but hearing a pro do so in real-time with their performances is absolutely fascinating.

Back to Dickinson: his voice is the latest to get Beth Roar’s critical eye through a live video of Iron Maiden’s “Hallowed Be Thy Name.” Again, it’s no surprise that Bruce Bruce is great — thankfully, she agrees — but hearing her talk about the specific things he does with his voice, from a technical perspective, is what makes this video fascinating.

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