Video: Myrone, “Drift Stage Main Theme,” Live at the 2019 NAMM Show


Video: Myrone, “Drift Stage Main Theme,” Live at the 2019 NAMM ShowSeeing Myrone shred live at the Vigier Guitars booth at this year’s NAMM Show was one of the highlights of the whole convention. Just when my energy was at an all-time low — late Saturday afternoon after three full days of grueling meetings on my feet, screaming over terrible guitar players, still miserably jet lagged and way short on sleep — Myrone came along to pick us all up out of those doldrums with his fun-time, feel-good, proprietary brand of soft shred.

What’s more, the Vigier booth had a unique and innovative setup this year. To avoid sound violations from the ever-present NAMM police, Vigier set up a headphone performance system, complete with a fully powered amp feeding straight into a router that beamed the signal to 40 high-quality wireless headphone sets. Judging by the confused onlookers passing by who couldn’t hear a note of what was being played, it must’ve been quite the sight to behold. And for all of us in our own little private world for that performance (you can see the crowd at the very end of the video), it was an absolutely phenomenal experience.

Check out our footage of Myrone performing his hit song “Drift Stage Main Theme” at the 2019 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA below. How is this guy not an international superstar yet?

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