Prophecy Fest Announces 2019 Germany Festival Lineup


Prophecy Fest Germany — not to be confused with the Stateside version that launched last year — is a metal festival experience unlike any other.

A big part of that is its location: the festival is hosted in Balver Höhle, a natural cave formed in the stone age. That’s right, the festival is hosted inside of a fucking cave. It’s the most epic setting for a metal festival imaginable, and no, the cave’s roomy acoustics don’t interfere with the sound quality at all.

The other part, of course, is the talent: Prophecy Productions, the German record label and festival’s namesake, has an incredibly diverse lineup that includes metal, metal-adjacent bands and acts that have nothing to do with metal but due to some kind of dark, menacing allure seem to generally appeal to metalheads (ambient/jazz group Bohren & der Club of Gore, for instance). Capital-M metal festivals are fun and all, but so is variety, and in the case of Prophecy Fest it’s that variation which really makes the day hum along.

So: Prophecy Fest has announced the dates and initial lineup for its 2019 Germany-hosted incarnation. The fest will take place on September 13th and 14th (later in the year than usual), once again in Balver Höhle, and will feature the following bands, with more to be announced soon:

Year of the Cobra
A Forest of Stars

I haven’t heard of most of those bands, and if you haven’t either, don’t worry: it doesn’t matter one bit. I hadn’t heard of several of the acts who played in 2016 and I had an absolute blast. Buy your tickets as soon as they go on sale and make it a point to get to this festival: it’ll be a truly special experience, I promise. More information is available at the festival’s official website.

Prophecy Fest Announces 2019 Germany Festival Lineup

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