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Dee Snider Thought Metallica Were “Never Gonna Go Anywhere”


We’d all like to think our taste is impeccable and that we’re able to predict musical trends, but even the pros sometimes get it massively wrong.

Case in point: Dee Snider, who toured with Metallica extensively in their early days. While the Twisted Sister frontman loved and respected the band, he thought they were too heavy to ever catch on in a big way. Speaking to Meltdown on Detroit radio station WRIF 101.1 FM, Snider said:

“Those motherfuckers earned every fucking dollar they made. They didn’t give an inch — until they [made] an ‘Alternica’ record. Which I thought was a great record, but they gave an inch. But up to that point, they just fought hard.”

“This is a true story. We’re on tour with Metallica, and we’re in Holland, and I’m standing on the side of the stage and I’m watching them doing their set. And I turn to my bass player and I go, ‘These guys have got a lot of heart, but they’re never gonna go anywhere.’

“Like I said, I’m brutally honest. I said that out fucking loud. What an asshole! I didn’t wanna be against them. I just said, ‘They’re so heavy.’ But they made people just accept how heavy they were, and that’s the great thing about Metallica.”

Needless to say, Dee was very, very wrong.

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